Brand Identity And How To Implement It

Brand identity is much like the personal identity of us as humans. Personal identity is what separates a person from others. It defines the brand and gives it a separate identity. The physical aspects of brand identity are logos, taglines, jingles and shapes.

The separate identity differentiates the brand from the rest of such similar products. Brand identity can make a brand special. For instance is we ask people what brand comes to mind when they think of cavity protections. Most people would reply with Colgate. Colgate has established a successful brand identity. They have differentiated themselves from other brands of toothpaste. They gave themselves a separate identity which is why brand is going strong to this day and holds a huge chunk in the toothpaste market.

It should be noted that creating a brand identity is more than just that physical aspects such as logos. The logos will help identify your brand but you have to go beyond that and establish the brand identity through proper business practices. This is not easy and simple at all. This is where the professional services of a brand identity agency come in.

The following action and steps under the guidance of a brand identity agency will be taken to establish your brands identity .

Live your core values

The core values can be defined by the vision and mission statement of a company. It’s the ethic’s and values a business holds dear. For instance Amazon’s mission statement is ‘’Earths most customer centric company’’. Amazons core value is customer centricity. The customer is important and comes first. Amazon lived is core value through its product. Fast delivery services of Amazon Prime, good customer service and lenient return policies. Product innovation such as voice assistants to help make shopping easier. By living its values Amazon is far ahead of other e-commerce firms.

You can get the help of a brand identity agency to help you strategically implement your core values.

Keep customer emotions into account

In today’s data driven world of algorithms , big data and machine learning it is easy to be cold and calculated. For instance when Netflix separated its mail order DVD business and streaming services it made the decision based on data. However there was huge customer backlash and Netflix lost over 700,000 subscribers. When making data driven decision do not forget to take customer emotions into account.

Leverage on trends

Trending issues can be good opportunities to leverage on. For instance Nike hiring Colin Kaepernick for its ad  ‘Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything’. This was an ad for standing up for social causes. This ad was controversial but it successfully communicated to Nikes audience and Nike sales increased by 30%.

Don’t wait too long to rebrand

If you brand is losing its identity start rebranding immediately. Hire the professional services of a brand identity agency. If you wait too long your brand can become irrelevant and lose its identity and meaning permanently.

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