Easy Changes For A Better Household

Household chores are hated by all. The pile of clothes and dishes, the dust filled tables and the unclean floors; all pose such a headache to you. However, the more it piles up, the bigger headache it gets so you need to finish them off in time. So here are some of the easy changes you can do around the house that will help you and your family to stay ahead in chores, so that you don’t have to spend your weekend washing clothes than watching a movie.


‘One bag a day’ de-cluttering habit


How hard it is to take a five or ten minute walk around the house with a bag in hand and pick up all stuff you don’t need? All you have to do is keep a pile of bags in hand so you could collect your clutter that is lying around the house every day. Even a box would do. You’d be surprised how much stuff lies around that needs to be removed. So items may need to be thrown, recycled or donated. Keep these bags or plastic garbage bins in a convenient place such as near the back door, bottom of your closet or in your car trunk. When you pass the charity center or recycle plant, drop them off.


Assign people to tasks and areas


When you assign people to different tasks, your chores get divided among everyone that will speed up the entire process. Most of the time, one person ends up cleaning the entire house; however, this shouldn’t be so. Let each person take care of their own rooms and the common chores should be divided. Chores such as laundry and ironing are better if done at once as it saves energy and water. Other chores should be done daily. Have a chart and mark whatever chores completed. Rotate the chores so that one person won’t be cleaning the garden and plastic drums every day.


Do the dishes before bed


We hate doing the dishes before bed so we leave it in the sink. Unfortunately, a fairy won’t come do the dishes at night so it will be left the same way in the morning. With grabbing a quick breakfast and running out the door for work, you do not have time to do them in the morning. When you return, you add a few more dishes after dinner which will make it even more hassling to do. So, don’t let the pile become bigger. Make it a habit for every family member to wash their plates after dinner so that you’ll only be left a few more to do.

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