How To Plan A Cinderella Themed Birthday Party

Every girl at one point in their life would have dreamt of being one of the Disney princesses and having their prince charming sweep them off their feet. For many girls when they dreamt about this scenario they dreamt themselves as Cinderella in her gorgeous gown and perfect shoes dancing the night away in a gorgeously decorated ballroom. Although, it may not be possible to recreate this exact situation for a birthday party one can still attempt to recreate a near perfect version by following the article below which would contain some tips which would help every girl to make her Cinderella-themed party come alive.


Is there more of a perfect way to announce to the guests about the type of party they are entering than to have an pull up banner stands? Furthermore, one should make sure to decorate the area where the party is being held at in blue and silver balloons because these are the colors that one associates with Cinderella. Moreover, if the party is being held in the backyard one can opt to have pumpkins decorating the walkway in order to commemorate the pumpkin that Cinderella used to travel to the ball. One can also have paper birds and squirrels places on the trees and bushes in the backyard in order to make the guests feel as if they are truly inside a fairy tale book.

 Since it would not be possible to have the 7 dwarfs at the party one can still make sure that they are remembered by getting quality office signage of their faces in order to hang them either around the area where the party is held or near the food table.

Food & Drinks

As this is a party for young children there is no requirement to have a sit-down meal or even a need to serve a full meal instead one can opt to serve them finger food which they can consume while on the go. However, one should make sure that the food also complements the theme of the party which means that one should have cookies cut into the shape of glass slippers, cupcakes that resemble the pumpkins or even the dwarfs.

This would be the most special day for the birthday girl and she would, therefore, wish to have the most authentic and magical experience on her birthday make sure to follow the aforementioned guide in order to gain a better understanding of the steps that one should complete in order to host such an event and execute it to perfection.

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